Whose Booty Is This

2022, HD video displayed on Infinite Object, 00:01:30 (loop), Edition of 50.

• 5.7 x 8.4 x 0.9 inches
• Comes with US plug and custom cable

This Infinite Object is a sculptural, self-contained looping video artwork by Rashaad Newsome, which allows you to get deliciously lost in a world where critical thinking and twerking co-exist. A world in which we experience the magical interconnectedness of being.

The pulsating imagery of computer-generated diasporic fractals are inspired by the geometry within traditional African culture. Newsome’s Infinite Object merges and mutates images of Black and Black Queer culture, fashion, West African sculptures, textiles, and masks within a 19th-century ebony Dutch-style frame. 

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£ 260.00 GBP